July 27, 2010

Fantabulous Find!

In addition to my family, coffee, scrapping and books, I adore magazines!

As I was zipping past the magazine rack in Walmart on my way to the back to school section yesterday, this magazine cover caught my eye.

I stopped short (my girls piled up behind me surprised by my quick deceleration) and grabbed it off the shelf. Flipping through the colorful pages, I noticed a few things...no advertisements for products that will make me skinnier or wrinkle-free, articles from several well-known Christian authors, Scripture from various Bible translations, and stunning photographs. Oh yes! I've got to check this out a bit more.

When my cram packed day finally wound down and I was able to curl up with my new magazine, I devoured articles from Max Lucado, Joyce Meyer, Dr. James Dobson and others plus inspirational stories about not-so-famous people (i.e. not in the pages of People or Us) who rely on faith to live their journey. There are also articles on crafts, food, health, travel, books and more! A truly inspiring publication in the sea of some-ol', same-ol'.
Life: Beautiful I hope that you'll check it out, be inspired on your journey and subscribe.*

A few of my other favorite magazines: Real Simple, Somerset Digital Studio, Artful Blogging, Somerset Studio, and Take Ten. Do you have any favorites that I should check out?
*NOTE: I am not receiving any type of compensation from Life: Beautiful or it's publisher...I just wanted to share this fantabulous find!