July 21, 2010

Summer Vacation 2010

We have been back from vacation for a week and I have successfully dug my way out from the piles of laundry...and I scrapped EIGHT pages from our trip!

Created with Gardenology, the July Freebie with purchase from Digiridoo Scraps

Created with Gardenology from Digiridoo Scraps, Birthday Bash Grab Bag from Digiridoo Scraps Designers (blue paper), and All Natural, which is one of my kits (ribbon, flower, leaves), Font: Architext

Created with Gardenology from Digiridoo Scraps, Font: Architext

Created with Urban Jungle from Digiridoo Scraps, Font: You Are Loved

Created with Gardenology from Digiridoo Scraps and Leave a Legacy by me (alpha), Font: Comic Sans

Created with Gardenology from Digiridoo Scraps, Font: Pookie

We had an extra room in our cabin (more on the reason in a sec), so we invited our friends, Cathy, Guy and Lizzie to spend Saturday night with us. Cathy and I became friends while waiting for our referrals for Lizzie and Mia. We met in real life briefly in China, but we haven't seen each other in close to 5 years. We had a fabulous time and the girls played together like they see each other every week!
Created with my newest kit, You Make Me Happy, Font: Architext

No matter how much you plan, sometimes God has another plan. My mom and dad were supposed to spend the week with us at the lake. However, my dad was diagnosed with cancer in May, started chemo in June and ended up in the hospital two days before we arrived in Pennsylvania. While we were all crushed that they couldn't join us, the hospital was the best place for him at that time. So, Chuck, the girls and I made the best of our time at the lake and talked with them on the phone often. He got out of the hospital in time for us to spend a day with him before we had to fly home. This photo of my dad (aka Pop Pop) and Mia just warms my heart! He is feeling much better, is getting stronger and has forgiven our poor attempts at fishing on the lake!
Created with Gardenology from Digiridoo Scraps, Scalloped Border Mask by Delicious Scraps, Font: Architext

Now that I'm back, the laundry is fairly under control and I've scrapped some of my photos, I'm looking forward to getting back to designing more goodies for y'all! Stay tuned...