July 30, 2010

I Just Had to Record This..

Mia and I have some of the best and often, very humorous conversations in the car. We were out running errands today and out of the blue she starts this conversation...

Mia: The next time I see Grammy I'm going to give her some of my money.

Me: Why do you think she needs some of your money?

Mia: Because she doesn't have very much.

Me: Why do you think that Grammy doesn't have very much money.

Mia: Because she spent it all buying things.

Me: Who did she buy things for with all her money?

Mia: You...when you were little.

Pause...while I am trying to contain my laughter.

Mia: Well actually, she still buys things.

Me: Who does she buy things for now?

Mia: Well, mostly Pop Pop and us.

I giggled the whole way home!

So there you have it Grammy...the next time you see Mia, you will receive some extra cash!

p.s. You may have noticed a new look to the blog. I'm playing around with a minimalist look...till I get tired of it!! :-)