February 8, 2010

This could get me in trouble...{NSBR}

So...it's been raining and cold and icy and raining and cold for what feels like the past six months (and now it's SNOWING today!) when I get an email from my friends at Famous F00twear with this picture:

Well, be still my shoe loving heart! Love the pink ones, the cream ones and the brown ones...aren't they ridiculously adorable?!

A few days pass, I'm still cold, I'm still wearing boots (did I mention the snow?) and I get this pretty little picture in my inbox. Are you kidding me?

Love the wedgies, but these...OH. MY. GOODNESS. Seriously! I have no idea where I would wear shoes like these, but I adore them!

BTW, I really can't complain about our two inches of snow when my friends in the northeastern United States have feet of snow! Praying that y'all are staying safe and warm!