January 26, 2011

Jump on Board!

Today/yesterday is/was Australia Day! Since it's summer there most everyone I know is off to the beach or having a picnic...it's 31 degrees Fahrenheit here in Texas this morning...sigh...just have to remember that when it's 100 degrees here, it will be winter there.

To celebrate the Digiridoo Scraps designers have put together a fabulous blog train where you can pick up a load of gorgeous goodies.

Here is a sampling of a few of the previews...

Don't you just love the color scheme? It's the same color scheme as our February Challenges participation prizes so if you want to have even more goodies in these colors, come and have a look around in the Corroborree Centre in February and join in a challenge or two.

And don't forget to check the Digiridoo Scraps store: you'll be sure to find a good bargain for Australia Day!

The first stop on the blog train is at Linnie's place...Chocolate Geranium Designs!