January 23, 2011

Best Place to Recover...

Emily had her tonsils removed on December 20th (yes, I know...how horrible just 5 days before Christmas, but it had to be done). The surgery went well and she was a real trooper in the hospital. But, she determined that the best place to recover is at home in Mommy and Daddy's bed!

The remainder of her recovery went well even though everything she tried to eat tasted like salt and pepper to her, she couldn't eat Christmas cookies and she was very tired.

This layout was created with Grace, which is a collaborative kit designed by my friend, Vicki of Dana's Footprint Designs and me! Even though I've "retired" from designing for the time being, the kit is available in the Digiridoo Store. You've got to check it out...it's packed with 24 gorgeous papers, 64 elements and 2 alphas!