December 11, 2009

Marvelous Mia!

Wednesday was Mia's Marvelous Me day at preschool. As part of the assignment, she had to create a two-page layout about herself (yes, in preschool!). I joined her class in the afternoon to help with her presentation, read her favorite book, "Pigs in Hiding" and then, we shared her favorite treat with her classmates. It was a really fun 20 minutes, but I have a new appreciation for her teachers! Whew!

All about Mia...
I was born in Hengdong, China on December 27. My family adopted me on November 9, 2005. That's when we celebrate my Family Day! I have one sister named Emily and a dog named Hattie. I do gymnastics and I am going to learn piano when I start Kindergarten.

How many of you can do a split like that? Yikes! I can't and haven't ever been able to!

A Few of Mia's Favorite Things...
Food: Pasta; Color: Pink; Treat: Chocolate; Thing to do: Build and draw; Book: Pigs in Hiding; Song: Jingle Bells

And, a photo of the treat that we shared with her friends...
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