September 10, 2009

Why? *Updated*

The journaling reads...This is going to be one of those things that we laugh about when you’re a teenager. When I picked you up at school today, I noticed a significantly shorter section of bangs. After a most painful process of trying to pull the information out of you, it seems that you had finished cutting what you needed to in class. While you were waiting for your friends to finish, you took the scissors to your bangs and did a quick snip. Seriously, Emily! I love you!

I do love my girl, but she really perplexed with this especially after the bead in the ear incident that required an emergency trip to the doctor last week (I didn't even blog about that one because I was dumbfounded...maybe I should since that will be another story that we'll laugh over). The photo doesn't really capture the missing chunk, but she was really mad that I was taking photos, so I had to make due with this one! Thankfully, the missing chuck is underneath, so if her bangs are brushed straight down, it's not as noticeable.


On a serious note, I do wonder if she's bored in school and is doing these things out of boredom. You know this mama will be keeping an eye on that...

Layout Credits: The background and pink paper are from my "Miss Mary" kit and everything else is from "Blackbird Fly" by Honeybee Designs.

**Update...I got a better photo after school today. Thankfully, her hair grows quickly!