February 12, 2008

Chinese New Year Freebie for You

I'm posting this a few days later than I planned, but I hope you’ll agree that it was worth the wait! This kit includes 9 12” x 12” papers, 2 lantern shaped frames, 1 word art, 4 ribbons, 3 embellishments (a gold fan, vase with plum blossom branches, and a bit of bamboo) and 1 tag with chrysanthemums.

The Chinese culture is full of symbolism and I incorporated some of that symbolism in this kit. For example:
  • The color red is considered to be a lucky color especially during the New Year celebration.
  • Gold is the color of the imperial emperor and also represents the wish for a prosperous year.
  • The orange color was selected because tangerines and oranges are given as gifts to friends and relatives to express good wishes for the coming year.
  • Plum blossoms symbolize luck and many Chinese take great care selecting a plum tree for the New Year, much like the selection of a Christmas tree in the US.
  • Chrysanthemums and bamboo represent longevity.