May 6, 2011

Fantabulous Find Friday: Hand me the glue gun, please

Once again, I found a fantabulous website after clicking here and there and ending up here...

V and Co. Oh my goodness! I am in crafty love!

Check out this super cute fabric ring...Vanessa has directions to make it here and if you don't want to go out to purchase the pieces you need to make it, you can order a kit from her here.
I haven't made one yet, but I hope to have time (today, maybe) to run into the fabric store to see what I can find in the remnant basket.

Vanessa has a load of other tutorials on her site as well as a store of fabulous goodies!

Go on over and visit for a bit...but, be warned that you might want to have a snack and a drink close at hand because you're going to be there for awhile!

Enjoy! And, Happy {Inter}national Scrappingbooking Day! Check out Digiridoo for several iNSD and store opening sales going can find the sale announcements in the forum here! Lots and lots of fantabulous goodies there too!