June 24, 2009

A "Mia-ism"

The back story...Emily had two teeth pulled yesterday. Her lower front permanent teeth have started to grow in behind her baby teeth. She had the middle two pulled about 6 months ago. The next two out from the center recently started to do the same thing, so we went to see our favorite dentist to have the stubborn baby teeth pulled. She was a real trooper and all is well. {No photos...for some reason, I took my little camera out of my handbag.}

Last night the tooth fairy left $2 for Emily's two teeth. She busted downstairs this morning to show me the two one dollar bills. Mia was standing there pouting because she hasn't lost any teeth yet, so the tooth fairy hasn't left any money for her. Here's the conversation...

Me: Don't worry Mia, your teeth are going to start to come out when you're a little older. By that time, Emily will have lost all her teeth.

Mia: You mean that Emily will have to just swallow without any teeth to chew?

Me: [trying not to laugh at her] She'll have teeth. Remember the adult teeth that need the adult toothpaste are growing in to fill the hole where the baby teeth were.

She started cracking up and said, "Oh yea, I remember now!"

And, then just to make my heart swell even more with love for my girlies, Emily hands Mia a dollar and says, "You can have this one."

We went shopping at the dollar store today.

Here's a cute photo that I took of them in the car the other day...